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Awards for Sports Industry is up for Sailing

Following an unexpected amount of entries in the sailing, the race of ocean has been finally shortlisted in categories of 3 keys at the renowned awards of BT sports Industry in 2019. The race of ocean has now been nominated above all for the prizes 

SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week Comes To The Masses

The Townsville and other sailors from Queensland assemble for SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week every year, and more than half of the fleet begins to sail longer distances to participate from New Zealand as well as Australia. The Townsville Yacht Club (TYC) annual competition has 

Sunset+Vine Appointed By World Sailing For World Championships

World Sailing has announced the name of Sunset+Vine as its host broadcaster as well as the distribution partner for the 2018 Aarhus Hempel Sailing World Championships.

The Sunset+Vine is the global TV sports producer it will distribute its eight days of live online coverage of the qualification series starting from the 2nd of August to 8th August in Denmark, and it will also cover four days of live each of the races of 10 medals, which will start from 9th of August and will conclude on 12th of August.
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Liverpool Countdown Has Begun

There is less than 50 days left for the Clipper 2017-18 races to start in the month of August. The race will begin on 20th August with slipping lines function at UNESCO waterfront Albert Dock in the city. The chairman and founder of the Clipper