Awards for Sports Industry is up for Sailing

Following an unexpected amount of entries in the sailing, the race of ocean has been finally shortlisted in categories of 3 keys at the renowned awards of BT sports Industry in 2019.

The race of ocean has now been nominated above all for the prizes which are sponsored by the selectors of sports industry in a trio of all the areas – Community or Fan Award of Engagement, a sport award which is cutting edge, sustainable and social award of development – followed by an edition of season of 2017-18 season which registered a record-breaking season.

The awards of BT sports industry of the 2019 year, with some 19 categories of categories of competition which were outstanding, bring together the best and biggest brands of sport, organizations, and events on the planet, including the likes of Nike, Visa, Adidas, Formula One, BT Sport and the tour of Europe.

We are very excited and happy to have been nominated against some very competitive campaigns and events in 3 areas, those are keys to the organization,” said Johan Salen who is the co-president of the Ocean Race. “The edition of 2017-18 of the race saw us some shit in perceptions of sports of sailing and will try to reach more fans, in fact, more than before.

The nominations which are being filled are recent in an honors’ line received by the race of Ocean, which will begin again from Spain’s Alicante in autumn of 2021. Excitement for the next race is very high, and several sailors who are high-profile including Paul Meilhat who is the winner of French Route Rhum, and also the winner of race of Volvo Ocean and Franck Cammas who is the skipper of America’s Cup – have recently notified their intent in order to take up the battle.